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7 tips for choosing the right editor for your wedding movie

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You have decided to turn your wedding video clips and photos into a sentimental movie, and are looking to collaborate with a wedding video-editing service. Given the large number of wedding video services, you wonder how to select the best vendor.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Visit the vendor’s website and watch 2-3 sample videos.
    Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is the storytelling effective? Does it convey emotion?
    • Is the music appropriate?
    • How is the transition between source audio and background music? Between photos and videos?
  2. Ensure the offering includes a few review cycles.
    Proper video editing is not a one-stop shop. Reviewing your movie and giving feedback (i.e. editing the edits) is the most important step in the process. Confirm how many video drafts are included in the fee. And in case that you’ll need more, ask if you will incur further charges.
  3. Find out how to watch the revisions and provide comments.
    Ask your vendor about the feedback loop. Is it done via email or phone? Do they have an online collaboration platform on which you can seamlessly consolidate your notes?
  4. Find out the turn-around time of each revision.
    Once you share your footage with the editor, you expect him or her to act swiftly and present the first draft within a few days. And in later revisions, especially when you had minor comments, you expect a quick turnaround. Ask the editor to share his or her expected response time in advance.
  5. Get a free quote from multiple video editors.
    Experienced video editors can estimate the cost of the video based on the main parameters with which you provide them. Therefore, start your evaluation with a request for a price quote.
  6. Review the price quotes and ensure they address the following issues:
    • How will you upload your raw video clips and photos?
    • How long is the final movie?
    • Who will provide the music?
    • How many review cycles are allowed?
    • What is the turnaround time for the first video draft and subsequent revisions?
    • How will you receive the final version?
  7. Ensure you only pay upon completion (i.e. no reason to pay in advance!).
    It doesn’t make sense to assume any financial risk and make a down payment, especially if you are a first timer. Furthermore, experienced video-editing services know they can trust customers who’ve accepted their quote, and invested the time to upload footage and give feedback. Payment upon completion is a testament to good editors’ confidence in their work.