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Amazing Adventure Video: African Safari

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Shmil Levy took his entire family—his wife, three children, his daughter-in-law, and his grandson—on an African safari so they could all spend time together in nature and experience wild animals unlike anywhere else on the planet: lions, monkeys, elephants, cheetahs, zebras, and more.

Friends had recommended Safari Company, a tour operator that specializes in planning customized trips to Africa. The family decided to embark on an adventure of four days in Tanzania and four days in Zanzibar.

They got to soar above the veldt, gaze in wonder at the migrating animals, and learn the ways of the local tribes.

What were the highlights? “The lions and elephants,” says Shmil.

Safari video family adventure

Safari Company is a VideoTov partner, so the Levy family members took the opportunity to turn their footage into an adventure video that they can watch and share.

“These days we take a lot of pictures and lot of films during important family events, trips, vacations, etc. But until we started to use VideoTov, the pictures and videos stayed on the computer without good use,” explains Shmil.

Adi Gutman, the editor of the video, says she wanted to focus on the family and how their safari trip brought them all together.

“I think when a family goes to a trip together, the main interest is the family itself,” she notes. “I emphasize the family and show the outdoors through their eyes.”

Adi adds that finding the right song is the key to bringing a video to life. “The music is very important,” she explains. “It should be upbeat and reflect the mood of the video.”

Tanzania safari video editing

Shmil says that after this experience, he has started filming more because he knows he can make good use of the footage.

“The ability to convert the films and pictures to a short video clip created a very nice memory that is fun and easy for everyone to watch and remember.”

Want to experience an African safari adventure? Just click on the video above

About the Video EditorAdi Gutman

For the last 6 years, Adi has been editing, directing and filming short clips, promotional videos and home movies. She is a graduate of Film studies from Sapir college (Israel).