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Say “I Will” to a DIY Wedding Video

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Gathered with family and friends, the bride and groom exchange vows. The idyllic setting is filled with flowers and smiling faces. This moment will be captured forever on the wedding video, which more and more people are creating without a professional videographer. Couples get friends with camcorders and smartphones to take the video, making it easy to create an affordable memento of this special day—with a little help from VideoTov.

Read on to learn how to make an amazing DIY wedding video.

Who Should Take Wedding Videos?

If you are lucky enough to have a videographer in the family, by all means, put him or her to work for you! This skill can be a wedding gift to you. If you don’t know a videographer, be sure to enlist two or three people to ensure that your wedding videos are complete. According to VideoTov video editor Wiebke Reile, the people taking your wedding videos should be unobtrusive. She tells us, “It is a good idea to discuss the plan of action for covering the wedding beforehand so the couples’ expectations are met.”

One person should be in charge, and the others can provide assistance. The person in charge of your wedding video can also serve as a point of contact for all available photographs and wedding video clips, prior to video editing. Guests should be encouraged to share their photos and clips with this person to ensure that your wedding video includes a wider variety of shots.

“One thing that I find important from the wedding-video editor’s point of view is deciding whether the audio for the couple is important. If so, the couple should consider wearing microphones,” urges Wiebke, the video editor.

Must-Have Shots for Your Wedding Video

To provide your video editor with enough material to create a memorable wedding video, ask your friends and family “videographers” to cover the most important scenes. Wedding advisors suggest including three major scenes, at a minimum, for any wedding video:

Prior to the wedding

  • Invitation
  • Dress and shoes
  • Bride and groom getting ready
  • Flowers, bridal bouquet, and groom’s boutonniere
  • Ring bearer


  • Reception tables
  • Bridal-party entrance
  • Bride and escort walking down the aisle
  • Couple exchanging vows
  • First kiss


  • Wedding cake
  • Dance floor: first dance, father-daughter dance, guests
  • Individual and group guest shots: groom with father, bride with mother, guests
  • Toasts

Other shots may include the proposal, the couple prior to the ceremony, and the honeymoon. Another special memento many couples are delighted to have is wedding-video messages from guests. Collecting more photos and clips allows your video editor to use video editing to create a precious memento of your wedding day. One fun way to get even more unique photos is to provide cameras for guests to use.

How to Use a Camcorder or Smartphone to Get the Best Shots

Smartphones and camcorders can create lovely wedding videos when they are used properly.

If you’re using a smartphone, be sure to follow these smartphone video tips.

If you wish to invest in a good camera for your wedding, VideoTov video editor Wiebke Reile recommends Canon—in particular, the 5Ds or better. She tells us, “I have produced many film shoots, and time after time Canon products bring the most beautiful picture for a reasonable price range.” She explains that there should be a variety of shots, including close-ups, medium shots and wider long shots. Also, focus on details, such as the dress, veil stitching, and shoes. Be sure to include black and white photos, as they tend to create a more powerful image.

Affordable Video Editing

Eran and Sarah wanted something special to remember their ceremony by, so they collaborated with VideoTov video editor Wiebke Reile. The video-editing process was surprisingly easy. All they had to do was upload their wedding videos and wedding photos. From there, Wiebke used Eran and Sarah’s comments to transform the raw footage into a memorable, professional film they are proud to share. It makes for great entertainment at anniversary parties, too! They were even able to add music and captions. The convenience of viewing the video editing in progress, adding comments, and asking questions online made the process simple.

Collaborating with a video editor is a sure way to get the wedding video you always hoped for. See just how beautiful VideoTov can make your wedding video by viewing Eran and Sarah’s special day.