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A Family Vacation Video to Remember

by ·2 Comments

One of the most popular kinds of videos our customers ask us to create is family vacation videos. Some of the greatest moments of our life happen when we get together in a special spot and just relax, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company. When we capture our vacation on video, a professionally edited movie will allow us to relive those moments again and again.

One family recently spent a glorious week at Club Med Turkoise, in the Turks and Caicos Islands of the Caribbean. They spent a few hours lying on the beach, of course, but they also got to spend quality family time doing exciting activities, including but not limited to: sailing, scuba diving, tennis, water aerobics, pool volleyball, parasailing, and even trapeze!

The eldest son says the highlight of the trip was watching his youngest brother’s trapeze skills.

“My favorite moment was when my youngest brother completed the ‘catch’ on the trapeze and then got launched back to grab his original bar. He was the only guest at the club to complete the trick that day. Everybody cheered, and we got it on tape from three different cameras,” he says.

Trapeze Catch 1 - Family Vacation Video

Trapeze Catch 2 - Family Vacation Video
VideoTov’s Tom Peleg says that there are four key things to think about when making family vacation movies:

1. Don’t be shy about getting into everyone’s face.

“Film them from up close. Get into the action, especially if you’re using a GoPro. Be part of the volleyball game, get into the pool, climb up on the ladder, etc.”

2. When shooting, think about the final video.

“It’s not enough to just point the camera. Imagine viewing the scene you’re capturing as part of the final video and try to set it up so it looks the best.”

3. Don’t forget the B-roll!

“People have a tendency to only film the action. Remember that video of food, reading, applying suntan lotion, etc., all help create buildup for the action shots.”

4. Choose the right song.

The final piece that ties together a family video is the song. VideoTov video editors edit to the song, so you want to pick something that sets the right mood. This family chose “The Walker” by Fitz and the Tantrums because it was upbeat but not too fast, and the whole family, from kids to grandparents, could enjoy it.

“The song needs to fit what is going on in the video,” explains Tom. “If your video is about sitting on the beach, chilling, maybe you want to pick out a ‘chill out’ song. If you’re snowboarding down a mountain or jumping off of cliffs, you might want something a bit faster.”

Once you’ve taken those four steps, your VideoTov video editor will be able to choose the best footage to capture your vacation and match it to the rhythm of the music.

Abe Alzouman, the editor of this video, says that with family vacation videos, he tries to focus on the good times and the big smiles.

“I want the viewers to feel delighted to see themselves in the video,” says Abe. “I select the perfect moments when editing in order to show people having fun and being themselves.”

Scuba 2 - Family Vacation Video

Families love working with VideoTov editors to create a keepsake from their vacation and sharing the final video with relatives and friends so they can experience the good times, too.

“I have a meticulous process when reviewing footage, and I never miss a moment. Even one second can make a big difference to someone when making the final edit,” Abe explains. “Family videos are important, and I think very carefully about which footage to include. I like to show the moments people want to remember.”

Pool Party - Family Vacation Video