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How to create a wedding video on a budget?

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According to The Knot’s Real Weddings Study, wedding videographers cost $1,794 on average. ​ ​If you are on a tight budget and are considering taking the DIY route for your wedding video, here are some tips based on our editing experience.

Who should shoot the wedding clips?

If you are lucky to have a videographer in the family, by all means, put him or her to work for you! Otherwise, be sure to enlist four or five guests and ask them to capture the main scenes of your wedding.

After you’ve enlisted the guests, create an action plan for covering the wedding, and review it with the volunteer videographers. One person should be in charge, and the others can provide assistance. The person in charge should also consolidate the video clips and photos from the other guests soon after the wedding.

What are the must-have shots for a wedding video?

Ask your happy helpers to document the most important scenes (see below), and to take a variety of shots including close-ups, medium shots and wider long shots. Also, have them focus on details, such as the dress, veil stitching, and shoes. Below are the major scenes of every good wedding video:

Prior to the wedding

  • Invitation
  • Dress and shoes
  • Bride and groom getting ready
  • Flowers, bridal bouquet, and groom’s boutonniere
  • Ring bearer


  • Reception tables
  • Bridal-party entrance
  • Bride and escort walking down the aisle
  • Couple exchanging vows
  • First kiss


  • Wedding cake
  • Dance floor: first dance, father-daughter dance, guests
  • Individual and group guest shots: groom with father, bride with mother, guests, etc.
  • Toasts

Other shots to include in the wedding video may include the proposal, the couple prior to the ceremony, video messages from guests and the honeymoon.

Any important videography tips for amateur wedding videographers?

  • Shoot the video while holding your smartphone horizontally and steadily with both hands.
  • Shoot for at least 15 to 20 seconds. Don’t worry about the shots being too long since it can be trimmed in post-production.
  • Don’t zoom for close-ups – An image loses quality when you zoom, so whenever possible, get closer.
  • Always be conscious of where the camcorder built-in mic is relative to the sound you are trying to capture. Be as close as you can to the source!
  • To significantly improve the audio quality, the couple should confirm with the DJ (who, in most weddings, is in-charge of the audio system) that the people participating in the ceremony and toasts use microphones.

How do I turn the raw video footage into a movie?

Once you have the raw material, contact us at VideoTov, and our professional editors will collaborate with you to transform your content into a memorable movie (with a 100% satisfaction guarantee).