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About VideoTov – Your Video Editing Services Company

At VideoTov, we believe that video is the best way to give permanence to moments in time. Naturally, we’ve always made sure to document our family events, from birthdays to trips to sports, and initially edited it ourselves. We quickly learned, however, that video editing requires more than just time. In fact, to do it well requires artistic skill and profound software experience.

With this understanding, we founded VideoTov: a video editing service for amateur videographers that solves the editing conundrum by partnering customers with professional video editors. Through online collaboration, VideoTov’s editors convert raw footage into memorable (and affordable) movies.

Our video editors are film school graduates who majored in film, video production and other related topics. After school, they’ve worked with media companies, TV channels, and independent producers. And most importantly, they’re seasoned VideoTov editors aligned with our mission and are recipients of excellent customer feedback (we send a short survey after every project!).

To date, our video editing service has delivered more than 300 projects!


  • Ra'anan Peleg
    Co-founder and CEO

    Ra'anan is a seasoned hi-tech executive, combining management, sales, marketing, and leadership experience. He has spent approximately half of his career in organizations with over five hundred employees and the other half in start-ups. Ra'anan is a passionate videographer and enjoys playing his saxophone.

  • Yoav Agmon
    Co-founder and CTO

    Yoav is a talented Silicon-Valley entrepreneur and has been a SW developer for the last 25 years. He has participated in several start-ups as a major technical contributor both as a founder and a team member. Yoav is an avid videophile shooting videos and he enjoys editing his own and friends’ movies.

Our Editors

  • Wiebke Reile

    Wiebke works as a documentary film editor and social media manager in New York City. She is a graduate of Boston University's broadcast journalism program and is currently pursuing her masters in media studies at Brooklyn College.

  • Leo Mahoney

    Leo has worked in the television industry for 40 years. For the past 15 years, he has specialized in editing, completing hundreds of events using Avid. Leo has received numerous awards, including the 2010 "Best Informative Feature" award from the National Alliance for Community Media.

  • Adi Gutman

    For the last 6 years, Adi has been editing, directing and filming short clips, promotional videos and home movies. She is a graduate of Film studies from Sapir college (Israel).

  • Inbar Barzilay

    Inbar has been working as a freelance video editor for over 5 years. She specializes in family videos, television programs and promotional videos. Inbar is a graduate of Sapir College, and in 2013 won the college’s video-editing award for a television pilot.

  • Anthony Gordine

    A Freelance editor, motion graphics artist, compositor who lives in Lancaster, California. Graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography, where he majored in film and video production.

  • Irit Gal

    For the last four years, Irit has been working as a freelance-editor of corporate promos, family movies and events. Prior to her freelance period, she worked as an editor for multiple production companies. Irit holds a B.Ed in Arts Education from Oranim Academic College of Education (Israel).

  • Abe Alzouman

    Abe is an enthusiastic kiteboarder with a passion for SnowKiting, Kitesurfing and Kitelandboarding. He loves filming and editing these exciting adventures, as well. After studying computer video animation at Southampton Solent University in the UK, he spent the better part of five years as a freelance video editor specializing in GoPro sports videos and slow-motion effects.

  • Socrates ER

    Socrates has been working in video production for more than eight years, including editing short films, product videos, documentaries, and family videos. He completed 3D and Video Editing courses at MAAC & CETA Institutes, India.