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Terms & Conditions

3. Terms Specific to Editors

Summary: if you are an Editor read this. You will be getting confidential information and you promise to keep it confidential.

You acknowledge that VideoTov may share your Editor profile (excluding personal information), as completed by you, with Clients and other Editors. You understand and agree that each Client will have the right to, in his/her discretion, to accept or reject a video project that you edited.

As an Editor, you acknowledge that, through the Service, you will have access to personal and confidential content from Clients for who you are providing video editing services. You acknowledge that you have a duty of confidentiality regarding any Content you receive. You agree that: (a) you will not, under any circumstances, copy or attempt to copy by any means or otherwise inappropriately store any Content or information found on or through the Service; (b) you will not disclose any Content to other Users, Editors or any third parties whether in person or through any digital means including but not limited to blogs, video sites or any other form of communication; (c) you will not duplicate, use, or distribute the Client Content being edited to anyone other than Client (including for demonstrations or personal portfolios); (d) you will not communicate with a Client except as through the Service; and (e) you will provide editing services in a timely and professional manner.

Payments to Editors by VideoTov shall be governed by the separate Editor Agreement entered into by both parties. In addition, the separate Editor Agreement shall state the requirements and obligations necessary from an Editor to provide editing services.

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