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A Wonderful Video Editing Customer Testimonial

by ·0 Comments

One of our customers recently sent us a note that was so sweet and heartfelt that we wanted to share it with the whole world. Tienneke Cornelus had lots of footage and photos of her young son that was just sitting around, rarely looked at. So she partnered with VideoTov’s video editors to turn the files into two professional videos to share with friends and family.

Now she has two endlessly watchable, adorable baby videos, and she’s so glad she used VideoTov for video editing. But don’t take our word for it—here’s what she had to say:

In current times where we all take plenty of pictures and videos to capture unforgettable moments, how realistic is it that we actually look at them again after two or three years, and make the selection or time to go through them and remember these moments?

When we had our son in 2011, we couldn’t get enough of him, so we had a ton of videos and photos of his first years, but we actually never looked at them because they weren’t well organized and it was always a hassle to select the very best and show those to family and friends.

Thanks to the VideoTov website, and the great team of editors they have working on your video, in constant collaboration with you, we were able to get two short movies from the first year and second year of our son, with incredible family moments together. This video has become the way that our families can enjoy these magical moments and look at the video every time they want to. It’s a way to recapture in a few minutes a set of pictures and/or videos that otherwise are lost in a huge file of “Pictures” on your computer…

Regarding VideoTov and the team, we can only express gratitude, as their services are high quality for a very reasonable price, and you get your video with the shortest delay possible (you get a couple of versions first, so you can edit as you wish in collaboration with them).

I recommend you give them a try; you won’t be disappointed! We are planning to use the VideoTov team for many more videos to come!

Thanks so much, Tienneke! It was our pleasure working with you. We know that as your son grows older, you’ll love looking at these videos and remembering all the precious moments from when he was a baby.